“Garbage in Your Nerve System”

What would happen if your garbage didn’t get picked up for a few weeks? A month? A year?

Your house would get pretty stinky wouldn't it? The same can be said for you, if your Nervous System garbage isn't dumped regularly too.

Physical, chemical and emotional stresses that accumulate in your Nervous System are called Subluxations (Chiropractic term for nerve interference). If not cleared regularly, stress from Subluxations can spill over into your body and cause poor sleep, fatigue, weakened immunity, chronic pains, anxiety or poor digestion.

People who keep their Nervous System 'clean' with regular Chiropractic adjustments report having more energy, better recovery from injuries and an improved state of mind. If you’re feeling sluggish, weak and bogged down, maybe it’s time to dump your nerve system garbage.

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Dr. Lois Hall Dr. Lois Hall's mission is to empower patients with the knowledge and skills they and their families need to stay healthy. Dr. Hall’s post-graduate studies included an emphasis in ergonomics, physical rehabilitation, nutrition, and personal injury. She also has completed advanced studies in acupuncture. She’s a mother and grandmother, and she enjoys crafts, outdoor activities, and traveling.

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