Do Spinal ‘Adjustments’ Stimulate… YOUR Immune System?

The nervous system and immune system are “hardwired” and work together to create optimal responses for YOUR body to adapt and heal appropriately. Spinal misalignments are stressful to YOUR body and cause abnormal changes… that lead to a poorly coordinated immune response if you’re getting sick.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost the coordinated responses of the nervous system and immune system…

Subluxation is the term for misalignments of the spine that cause compression and irritation of nerve pathways affecting organ systems of YOUR body. Subluxations (misalignments in your spine) are an example of physical nerve stress.

According to researchers, such stressful conditions lead to altered measures of immune function & increased susceptibility to a variety of diseases.

Inflammatory based disease is influenced by both the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.

Nerve stimulation via adjustments directly affects the growth and function of inflammatory cells.

Researchers found that dysfunction in this pathway results in the development of various inflammatory syndromes such as rheumatoid arthritis and depression.

At this office we analyze YOUR spine for subluxations and give corrective adjustments to reduce the stress on the nervous system.

A 1992 research group found that when a thoracic (middle part of your back) adjustment was applied to a subluxated area the white blood cell (neutrophil) count collected rose significantly (which is a good thing if you want to stay healthy).

GET THIS: The best way to prevent meningitis, and other illness, is to develop a robust immune system. The most important element in developing a robust immune system is optimum communication between ALL systems of the body.

Chiropractic does this. The goal of our chiropractic care here is to remove interference in the nervous system, the system that controls and coordinates all other parts of the body. Interference is caused by subluxations or misalignments in the spine.

When subluxations are corrected, the body’s nervous system functions optimally and boosts the immune functioning. In fact, individuals who receive REGULAR chiropractic care have 200% greater immune competence than individuals who don’t. This is why it is vital for your entire family… to receive regular chiropractic adjustments!

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