Headaches Bothering You?

Headaches Bothering YOU?

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic headaches, neck pain, eye pain, dizziness, sinus problems or even migraine headaches, you need to make sure that your nervous system is aligned and subluxation free.

So many people take their health for granted.

They get a pain, they just open their medicine cabinet, or kitchen door, grab some type of Ibuprofen, pop a few of them, get some relief and think they’re find.

That is what I call stinking thinking. Here’s why.

Aspiring and Ibuprofen are drugs. Even over the counter drugs are dangerous. Just because you can walk into a pharmacy and pick them up with a doctor’s prescription, does not make them safe. They can harm you and in some cases give you heart problems later on.

I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just telling you what you need to know. If you don’t believe me, you can get on Google, and find out all the side effects associated with drugs like Ibuprofen.

If you want to make sure your nervous system is working at it’s optimum, make sure you schedule an exam and x-rays if necessary.

Don’t take that chance with your health, and please don’t just cover up your symptoms – until it’s too late.

Call my office today if you’d like to schedule an examination for any type of ailment you’re taking drugs for on a consistent basis.


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