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DOT Physicals

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If you’re applying for a commercial driving license, you must have a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical by a qualified physician. At Hall Family Chiropractic Clinic in Stillwater, Minnesota, Dr. Danial Hall offers the DOT physical in an efficient, stress-free environment. To learn more and book an appointment today, call or schedule online.

DOT Physicals Q & A

What is the DOT physical?

Anyone who wants to apply for a commercial driving license must meet certain qualifications outlined by the Department of Transportation. One part of licensing involves having a physical examination by a physician who is certified to provide this service and is familiar with the requirements.

The DOT physical exam verifies that commercial drivers don’t have any injuries, conditions, or past surgeries that could threaten public safety. The exam consists of screenings that determine if the driver is capable of meeting the physical and mental demands of operating a vehicle.

What tests does the DOT physical include?

During your physical examination at Hall Family Chiropractic Clinic, your physician will administer tests that measure:


Sight is imperative to driving, so this exam tests many aspects of your vision capabilities. It measures your ability to see from a distance and up close, as well as the reliability of your peripheral vision. The sight test also measures your ability to distinguish color.


On the road, hearing is a valuable tool. Unusual sounds could be a signal that the vehicle’s performance is hindered. The inability to notice these signs could lead to significant safety concerns. Good hearing is also critical for the communication aspect of your job.

It’s possible to pass the hearing portion with a hearing aid, with strict requirements.

Proper Vehicle Operation

The capacity to operate every aspect of the vehicle is crucial for safe travels. This portion of the testing focuses on muscle, reflex, and sensory abilities. It also measures your range of motion, grasping, and the coordination of multiple movements and limbs in a united fashion.

With proper devices and equipment, it’s possible to pass the operation portion with a missing limb or other impairment.

Continuous Awareness and Mental Stability

When driving commercially, it’s critical to keep alert for extensive periods, which is why tests to determine awareness and stability are necessary.

Being on the road often requires problem-solving, maneuvering, and making quick, responsible decisions while also being able to stay awake, calm, and attentive. It’s the driver’s responsibility to come up with an action plan when these circumstances arise.

Uninterrupted Control

It’s essential to remain in control at all times, which is why there are medical tests that can determine your state of awareness. Continuous control also means being able to decide to pull off the road, if necessary.

Being aware of the state you’re in helps ensure not only your safety but also that of other travelers.

Physical Endurance

This section of the exam tests a variety of motions required for success in the commercial operations field.

Loading, unloading, and sitting for long periods comes with the job. It’s crucial that a commercial vehicle driver has a large range of motion; the ability to lift, bend, and squat; and the ability to extend their arms over their head.

What results can I expect after my DOT physical?

Your DOT exam will result in one of the following outcomes:

  • You’re approved for driver certification for two years
  • You’re approved for driver certification for a limited time (six months, one year, etc.)
  • You’re temporarily disqualified from getting certified due to a medication, condition, or lack of documentation
  • You’re permanently disqualified from certification

Your care provider at Hall Family Chiropractic Clinic can provide you with a detailed report of your performance on the tests, and they can work with you if you need other medical services.

To book an appointment for a DOT physical, call the office or schedule online today.