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Do you have periods of unexplainable dizziness or disorientation? Vertigo is a common condition that can affect your balance, coordination, and vision. If you’re trying to resolve the symptoms of vertigo and prevent future episodes, visit Dr. Danial Hall and Dr. Lois Hall at Hall Family Chiropractic Clinic in Stillwater, Minnesota. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call the office or book online today.

Vertigo Q & A

What is vertigo?

Vertigo is a state of dizziness or lightheadedness that can affect your sensory experience and physical coordination. People with vertigo may experience it in waves, and episode length may vary.

Some patients describe vertigo as a sensation that they’re about to pass out or that the environment around them is moving or unstable. Vertigo can also trigger changes in your vision or hearing, and it may cause some people to become nauseous, fearful, or fatigued.

What causes vertigo?

Vertigo has several possible causes, but it typically develops as the result of a problem with your sensory system. When sensory responses aren’t working correctly, brain signals are compromised, which can result in vertigo. Some common causes of vertigo include:

  • Injury to your head, ears, or eyes
  • Medical conditions like Meniere’s disease, labyrinthitis, or inner ear problems
  • Changing the position of your head or neck too quickly
  • Migraines

Vertigo can also result from damage to your central nervous system or from taking certain medications.

How does a chiropractor treat vertigo?

While each patient’s treatment plan is unique, spinal adjustments can often provide immediate pain or symptom relief. By adjusting the vertebrae of the spine and manipulating joints, your physician can restore proper nerve function and signaling.

If an underlying condition causes your vertigo, or if you need a more comprehensive treatment plan, your physician might also use other modalities in your therapy, including:

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Diet and lifestyle counseling
  • Exercise and stretching techniques

What results can I expect from chiropractic treatment?

As a natural, safe, and effective treatment method, chiropractic care can help you find the relief you need without drugs or surgery.

Many patients see immediate improvements after just one chiropractic adjustment. In many cases, however, it’s best to complete a long-range treatment plan. Your chiropractor can recommend the best course of action for your needs.

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