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Hip Pain: Common Causes and How Chiropractic Can Help

Natural treatments of hip pain can allow patients to avoid the costs and risks of surgery and drugs. Contact us today to find out more about our unique, non-invasive and natural treatments for hip pain located in Stillwater, MN 55082. 651-430-1515

Feb 2nd, 2020
Ideal Protein Authorized Weight-Loss Clinic in Stillwater, MN

There are many new things happening at Ideal Protein. We can’t wait to share the news with you! Protocol updates have been designed to smooth out the transition from the weight loss into your new lifestyle and help you integrate long-term health.

Jan 28th, 2020
7 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Spine

Now’s the time to start making meaningful changes to your life for better health. Here are seven resolutions you can take to improve the health of your spine and your overall wellness.

Jan 2nd, 2020
“Garbage in Your Nerve System”

What would happen if you let the garbage pile up in your home? Don't let subluxations stink up your life. Get to the chiropractor today if you’re feeling sluggish, weak and bogged down. It’s time to dump your nerve system garbage.

Oct 8th, 2019

Few of us realize the importance of posture to our health and performance.  To most people, “good posture” simply means sitting and standing up straight.  But that’s a myth – and a costly one. It’s time to get the facts straight…

Feb 24th, 2020
Repetitive Strain Injuries

Many people are unfamiliar with repetitive strain injuries so everyday aches and pains are overlooked and no connection is made between the injury and the workplace. Aches and pains warn that a serious injury may be developing.

Feb 24th, 2020
Headaches Bothering You?

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic headaches, neck pain, eye pain, dizziness, sinus problems or even migraine headaches, you need to make sure that your nervous system is aligned and subluxation free.

Jan 18th, 2020
Preventing Shoveling Injuries

No one wants to deal with seasonal back pain and injury- Winter activities, specifically snow shoveling can place great strain and stress on the spine. Beat mother nature's snow fall this year- try these preventative tips from Dr. Hall.

Jan 6th, 2020
Asthmatic? Trouble Breathing?

While chiropractic isn’t a treatment that eradicates asthma, research shows that by reducing tension in the asthma sufferer’s nervous system, the symptom called asthma can be helped and reduced.

Nov 7th, 2019
Merry Christmas- HOLIDAY HOURS

Our Christmas holiday hours are as follows: Monday December 23rd, All day hours Tuesday December 24th, Half Day until noon Wednesday December 25th- Closed Christmas day Thursday December 26, All day hours

Nov 7th, 2019
Your Spinal Cord: The Vital Role it Plays

When asked to name the most vital parts of the body, those most crucial to your health, most people might name the heart or brain. But did you know in fact the spine and your spinal cord may be just as vital to your overall state of health and well-being.

Nov 3rd, 2019
The Power You Have…

Do you ever start the day saying, “I want to be more positive today”, or “I would like to have more confidence”? The expression “Keep your head up” may be better advice than you thought! Here are 5 moves we suggest you can do NOW to improve your posture.

Oct 16th, 2019
Three Ways to Improve Your Daily Posture

Chiropractic is a proven method for correcting spinal imbalances and postural defects. Poor posture not only affects our physical appearance, but can affect virtually every aspect of our health. Here are three ways to improve your posture right now.

Sep 24th, 2019