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Nutrition Counseling and Weight Loss in Stillwater

Healthy foodsIt’s an unfortunate fact of life that our food does not contain the same nutritional value it did a generation ago. This means that even people who eat a “healthy” diet generally need dietary support in the form of vitamins and supplements.

At Hall Family Chiropractic Clinic, we offer nutritional advice and counseling as part of our comprehensive approach to creating optimal health from the inside out. In addition, for our patients looking to maintain a healthier weight, we offer a stand-alone weight loss program.

Nutritional Advice

This is an ongoing service we provide our patients, beginning from their initial consultation. We’ll talk to you about your diet and any supplements you’re taking. Creating optimal health relies on several factors, including getting all the nutrients your body needs to support its thousands of functions. While chiropractic care helps to restore proper nervous system function, if your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, your healing will be incomplete.

Most people these days need a multivitamin, a multimineral, some immune support and vitamin D. We offer a variety of trusted products from reliable sources and will make recommendations based on your overall health, activities and goals.

All of our chiropractors are knowledgeable about nutrition and are happy to answer your questions and help you fine-tune your diet and nutrition so you can achieve your highest health potential.

Weight Loss

Dr. Lois Hall offers a separate weight loss program using the Ideal Protein plan. This keto-based plan includes food products that you consume three times a day, along with your own protein and vegetables for supper. This is a well-researched, muscle-sparing plan that helps you lose weight by losing stored fat. It helps to reset your metabolism and retrain your body to burn fat.

The program works in three phases: weight loss, stabilization and maintenance. We will coach you through the phases to help you stay motivated and focused.

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